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Farm Management Software About Us

Welcome to AgMpower

Our vision is to improve the farm management plans and skills of all farmers in an efficient, dynamic environment. We also support the efficient and transparent services of third party advisers to the same end.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of farm management tools that will assist the farmer directly, in managing operations, increase profitability, and improve communication with their trusted advisors.

AgMpower was created by Leo Kosokowsky, a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Arts and Commerce programs. Leo spent 20 years working in the agricultural business sector as a crop protection sales rep, farm supply retail manager and farm business advisor.

During these years Leo recognized that there was a need for a specialized farm management tool that would help farmers understand the cost of production, break-even prices and options.

AgMpower is the result of of several years of planning and reworking, researching and testing with end-users. Numerous software programs have been designed to aid business managers, financial planners and accountants. AgMpower is an innovative management program designed especially for agribusiness professionals.


About Our Name
AgMpower is pronounced Ag-empower. The name was chosen because farm managers will be empowered by using our farm management tools. Management is the most important skill in running a farm. AgMpower improves farm management and empowers farm managers. That is the brief story behind our name.


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