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Leo Kosokowsky About Us

Meet the Founder & Staff

Learn about the people that guide the vision and mission of AgMpower.

Our President, Leo Kosokowsky
Leo is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan Arts and Commerce programs. For the next 20 years Leo worked in the agricultural business sector as a crop protection sales rep, farm supply retail manager and farm business advisor.

"The College of Arts and College of Commerce taught me business skills. Years as a Crop Protection Sales Rep, Farm Supply Manager, owning a Custom Spraying Business and buying my dad's farm taught me agronomics and the hardships of farming."

As a Rostered Consultant and Farm Business Advisor for many years Leo has delivered:

  • The Farm Business Assessment program
  • Specialized Business Plans
  • CAISP and Tax Strategies

Leo Kosokowsky is a member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors and the Canadian Certified Agrologist Association.


Our Staff

Ian Kosokowsky has extensive database programming experience, but don't let that fool you into thinking he is a geek. He also grew up on the farm. If that wasn't enough, his 8 siblings keep him in the real world. Ian handles the programming and the really technical questions.

Lacy Lieffers is part-time with us, but full time on developing a career in agriculture. We sincerely hope she continues on with us after she graduates from the U of S. In the meantime, she is excellent client support and working on our Ag Student AgMpower Challenge.


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