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Why Choose AgMpower?

AgMpower is the one place you can plan and track information securely and also make that information available to all members of the farm team at all times. This website is the place to go to understand your profitability, cash surplus and target prices.

Test ideas and opportunities without losing your original plan. Track your progress by crop year. Follow crop sales and unsold inventory easily from old to new to next years ensuring each crop year is successful and profitable.

AgMpower is the only Farm Management Software solution.

Other programs do a good job of tracking expenses or field records. They all create a history or a rear view mirror of what you have done. But you don't drive a car by only looking in the mirrors. AgMpower opens your view forward so you can plan around obstacles and react to situations before they happen.


More Reasons to Choose AgMpower
AgMpower is a simple, easy-to-use, agribusiness software program that allows you to compare your farm costs and revenues to those of other similar operations.

AgMpower provides your agribusiness advisors with important information that will enable them to give you their best advice. Lenders, accountants and other consultants love the benchmark information and accurate revenue and expense figures that provide a foundation for good decision-making.


About Our Name
AgMpower is pronounced Ag-empower. The name was chosen because farm managers will be empowered by using our farm management tools. Management is the most important skill in running a farm. AgMpower improves farm management and empowers farm managers. That is the brief story behind our name.


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